Truck Rental Choices

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Obtaining a truck rental for your next move can be one of the best choices that you ever make. There are so many different things that you can do with a truck rental that will make your move so easy. The flexibility that is offered here is simply something that you will not find with any other moving method. This is why so many people are choosing to go with this method these days, and why so many people are getting to their destinations happily!

While it might seem that you will be stuck doing extra work, getting a truck rental will actually make your life a lot easier. Despite what you might think, there are many different options available to those who go with this route, and what you need will always depend on where you are going and how far your move is going to be.

Local Moves

Local moves are a lot easier than long distance moves. A local move will generally be much cheaper, easier to handle, and easier to schedule. Truck rentals that are provided locally are usually done on a daily basis. The charges can range in price, but generally do not include fuel or extras. You can choose to have the truck for just a day or keep it for a few. It will all depend on who you have to help you move.

If you are alone, many truck rental companies contract with loading companies that come to your home to load the truck and then to your destination to unload the truck. Keep in mind that these companies do not provide drivers or packers, and you will have to do these things on your own. In the end, however, even with the extra services and supplies, a truck rented for a local move will be much less costly than a professional full service company.

Long Distance Moves

Long distance moving is much more complicated than the local moves that have been discussed previously. These moves take a lot of scheduling and working to accomplish. Still, a truck rental can be one of the best ways to get all of this done. You can choose a truck large enough to carry all of your things and you can load it however you want to load it. This will give you the peace of mind that your things are protected.

You can choose a variety of options from the company, including special insurance, roadside assistance in case the truck breaks down, and special supplies like padding and hand trucks to help you load and unload. In the case of a long distance move, all the extras can be a helpful thing to choose. Having everything right at your fingertips can really make your move so much simpler.

Choosing it the Easy Way

No matter how far you plan on moving, a truck rental and all its options is the easiest method to use. You can choose all or some, and you can schedule the truck for as long as you need it. When you add everything up and look at the price you are getting it for, you can see why this is such a popular way to move your family these days. Truck rentals are cheap, easy, and flexible for everyday people!

What to Think About Before Getting a Truck Rental

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Truck rentals are quite popular these days. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to move your home these days, but there are quite a few things that you need to think about when attempting this. Making sure that everything is in order before you rent the truck will ensure that your moving experience is a good one. Forgetting some things, or to take other things into account, can really create a problem in the middle of your relocation. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about getting a rental truck.


Lifting and carrying are two things that you will have to do yourself when you rent a truck. You probably have quite a few pieces of furniture, and these things might be heavy. You need to think about how you are going to load things that are heavy. Are you going to have help on both sides of the move? Having family on one end is not going to help you if you cannot get help to load or unload on the other.

You also need to think about the physical condition of those who will be helping you move. This is important because moving heavy items can cause irreparable damage to the body.  It is up to you to make sure that your help does not injure themselves while they are helping you move. The best way to do this, is to line up appropriate help before moving day, and assign tasks when everyone shows up to help.


If you get a truck rental, then you will need to know how to drive it as well. While no special licenses are required for the common person to drive one of these trucks, they still require extra skill to drive. These vehicles are much bigger than your normal cars, and those who have never driven anything large will find that they have a hard time keeping the truck going where it needs to go. Backing up and driving on the fast highways can pose problems to those who have no experience. If you are using this method to move, make sure that you can safely drive the truck before you rent it.

Trip Planning

Driving a truck rental takes time, and you should not expect to complete your trip overnight unless it is a local move. Moves from one state to another will take a few days at least, so you need to plan your trip accordingly. You need to make sure that you are well rested before you drive the truck each day. You should plan out what motels you will be staying at and where you will be stopping for food and rest. Keeping a log is a good idea as well, because if you do get into an accident, you can prove that you have taken all reasonable precautions along the way.

By planning in advance, you can ensure that your trip is a good one. Make things out before the big day will allow you to rest assured in the fact that you have all bases covered. This will prevent many problems that might come up later on down the road.

What to Look for in a Truck Rental

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Getting a truck rental for moving is becoming more and more popular. People everywhere are jumping into the ‘Do it yourself’ movement. Getting one of these trucks is quite the task, however, if you have never done it before. You need to make sure that you have enough time to think out the process before you actually get the truck. This will help you avoid problems on moving day.

Things to Look For

There are many different options when it comes to a moving truck rental. You need to decide what options are best for you and the job you need done before you attempt to choose a truck. Keep in mind that trucks come in all shapes and sizes, and a taller truck may have a lot of space, but it will be much more difficult to load than a shorter truck of the same length. Always check to make sure that the truck contains enough tie offs for you to secure your belongings to. This can make your move so much easier.

When choosing a truck, make sure that you will be able to drive it. Test it by sitting in the seat and making sure that you can reach everything and see over the dashboard. Look for a truck with air conditioning in the summer, and make sure that you get an automatic transmission if you feel you might have difficulty driving a truck with a manual one. Check to see what kind of ramp or lift system is available as well, because a lot of your things may be quite heavy, and you need to be able to load them into the truck.

Picking it Up

On the day that you pick up the truck, there are a few things that you need to look for. First of all, make sure that you show up early to make sure that the truck you need is available. Rental companies often overbook their trucks to make sure that they are all rented out. If you are late, then you might show up to find that the truck you wanted is not available.

Ask to inspect the vehicle before you leave the lot. Make sure that the seat is not old and uncomfortable, and verify that the cargo area is pretty clean. Remember that dust can have a bad effect on your furniture, so you need to hold the company you are paying to high standards. Test all the functions before you leave the lot, including all lights, emergency flashers, seat belts, radios, ramps, and heating or air conditioning. If something is not to your satisfaction, you may be able to get an exchange or an upgrade.

Remember to Ask

There are many things to know about before you drive off with your new truck rental. You need to make sure to know the answers to many important things such as the cost per mile for renting the truck. Many companies include a certain amount of miles, but you should be aware of the mileage charges when this limit is exceeded. Ask about the fuel types and if you have to return the truck with a full tank.

Don’t forget about insurance. Make sure that you are covered in the event of an accident. Also verify that the company has a twenty-four hour emergency number to contact in the event of a breakdown or other problem. This will prevent you from having to sit and wait for long periods of time when something goes wrong.

Loading a Truck Rental

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Relocating is hard work. This is especially true if you are moving yourself with a truck rental. You need to think about a lot before you act on anything. Remember, you are ultimately responsible for the truck as well as your belongings inside of it, so it is vital that you pack and load the truck properly to avoid problems.

What First?

Many experts say that the big things should be loaded in first, but this ideal has started to shift recently. Because many trucks have odd ‘attic’ space near the front of the truck, and to get things out of the house so that large things can be moved, experts are starting to tell consumers to load the little boxes first. You should always try to get boxes that are similar in size so that they stack uniformly. Make a new back ‘wall’ by stacking rows of boxes all the way to the ceiling. Make sure that you take care to put heavy boxes on the bottom and light boxes on the top of the stacks.

Using it All

The most economical way to use your truck rental is to utilize all of the available space in the truck. There are a few different ways to do this, but the best, and most well known, is done by simply stacking things to the roof of the truck. Experts also recommend that you place your couch on end inside of the truck. This will make the most use of that room, but it will also prevent damage occurring to the couch in transit. You can also stuff oddly shaped items into gaps or holes between boxes or furniture. Stack boxes on the shelves of bookcases and on top of tables. Remember, you are paying for all of this space, so you should strive to use it all.

Big Stuff

The heavy and bulky things should be loaded close to the end. You need to balance anything heavy so that it is not all on one side of the truck. Build walls on the sides of the truck, but allow a center walking space so that you can continue to load the truck. Remember to stack chairs on top of each other, and consider disassembling many pieces of furniture. Pack mattresses on their sides on one of the walls. Place mirrors and pictures between these mattresses and the one wall of the truck. Make sure to tape appliances closed so that they do not get damaged while you are moving them. This is also vital if you have children or pets, as getting stuck in a refrigerator can prove fatal for both.

Ready to Go

Once your loading is complete, you will be all ready to go. With everything packed appropriately, you will find that there was plenty of room for everything, and you were able to retain organization at the same time. Once you arrive at your new home, you will be able to unload the truck in a fast and organized manner, which can really make your life much easier.

Moving Your Animals

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Pets, as part of the family, need time to adjust to the fact that you are moving. They will often show signs of stress throughout the process, so it is important that you get prepared as soon as you can. Pets need a little bit of extra time and effort to get through a move. It is not impossible to make it through relocation with your sanity still intact, but you need to get ready for what is coming well in advance. This is even more important if you have kids and pets.

Getting Ready

You need to prepare your pet by visiting the veterinarian. They will test your animal for any illnesses, and you will be able to get copies of all records. This is also your chance to make sure that the animal is up to date on all of their vaccines and will be legally allowed in their new home. Remember to ask your veterinarian for recommendations on a new doctor where you are moving to.

Pack your animals a travel box. This is an important part of your move because it will contain any important items or paperwork that you need to have with you. Make sure to include food, dishes, blankets, treats, a leash, and favorite toys in this box. You need to have everything available to take good care of your pet in this box.

Moving Day

Moving day is going to be hectic. You need to keep your pet away from most of the activity, so try and plan a place for him on this day. An empty room in the house is the perfect place to put him, but you can also place your pet in a fenced yard or even at a friend or family member’s house. If you do choose to use an empty room, make sure to mark the door so that the movers and moving help do not go in there. Many animals can get aggressive with people that they do not know, so for everyone’s safety, make sure that your pet is not disturbed.

Remember that you should never leave your pet inside a truck rental or car without you. A sitting car can get so hot that it can kill your pet, even with the windows cracked. In some states it is even illegal to leave pets in unattended cars. In the winter, this internal temperature may get warm or very cold. Don’t risk the health of your animal. Make sure that you take him with you and keep him wherever you are.

Most truck rentals will not allow pets inside the cab, so be sure that you find an alternative way for your pet to travel. You can ship animals by rail and air these days, so there are plenty of options available to you when you want to transport a pet. There is no reason to leave your family pets behind. A little bit of work and effort will allow you to move your pet in an organized manner.