Saving Money When Moving

November 7, 2008 by  
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We all know that the housing market is in trouble. We hear it on the news each night and we see it in the paper each day. Families everywhere are facing foreclosures and the need to move. Moving, for such families, is just an added cost at a time that people are already financially burdened. Because of this situation, saving money on relocation is paramount, and is the most important aspect of the move. Make sure to consider using a moving budget as well as the following tips.

Cheap Moving

There are many methods of moving out there, but if you want to save money, you need to do as much of the move as you can on your own. In most cases, this means that you need to get a truck rental. Getting a rental will allow you to pack and move your things on your own and only have to pay for the truck. By using this method, families can use whatever packing supplies and materials that they can find rather than having to pay for premium supplies so that the moving company will insure things.

Not having to pay for the labor costs involved in a professional moving company is also a major benefit to getting a moving truck rental. While it might be difficult for you to pack and load everything on your own, this is a huge money saver when moving. Even getting the help of friends and family in return for a pizza party will end up being a lot cheaper than hiring a company to do the work for you.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Families these days need to cut moving costs without risking damage and loss of their goods. In order to do this, they need to cut costs without cutting corners. One way to save money on moving is to get used supplies. Many retailers are happy to give away boxes that will just get thrown away anyways. Other retailers get rid of paper and padding that people can use to protect fragile items when moving.

Using linens instead of furniture padding can be a great saving money when moving step as well. Renting furniture pads from the rental company can cost twenty or more dollars each. Hand trucks and other items can quickly add up and make a move more expensive than you thought it might be. In order to prevent this, people really need to consider what supplies they will actually need, and what supplies they can do without.

Travel Costs

Make sure to plan ahead on a route and time to get from your location to your destination. Many moves these days are local, so try to scout out where the cheapest gas will be along the way. Collect coupons for food and even the truck rental itself. Stick to your moving plan so that you don’t incur costs that were not thought of before. Make sure to consider multiple trips for local moves with a smaller truck versus one large truck and a single trip. Figure the costs out beforehand so that you can choose the cheapest way to go when you are looking at saving money when moving.

Difficult Times

While the finances of the country are not at their best, it is still possible to save money when you need to move. Many families are finding that they need to live in a place that costs less, and moving locally is becoming quite common. Saving money when moving is vital to these families survival in many cases. If you find that you are in such a situation, using the tips above can really help make this time in your life just a little bit less difficult.