Top 3 Moving Scams You Need to Know

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It’s quite alarming to know that cases of moving scams have continually escalated through the years. As a general rule, when it comes to dealing with service contractors, especially with moving companies, you can never be too careful. Since relocating basically involves moving practically all your belongings from point A to point B, it is not only important to ensure that delivery is made on time, but most importantly that delivery is actually made.

Despite the helpful tips and guides on avoiding moving scams available online, it is surprising that complaints files on scams keep popping up. So here are the top three not-so-known moving scams you need to know about to avoid dealing with disreputable companies.

Guaranteed Moving Quote

The big mistake that most clients commit when dealing with moving companies or truck rentals is insisting on getting a binding estimate, which is more commonly known in the industry as “guaranteed moving quote”. This basically means you can expect to be billed the exact amount quoted, or even pay less if the initial cost estimates were too high.

This poses a big problem if the quote is inaccurate. What happens? When an estimator visits your home to provide a better evaluation on the total service charges, they are usually required to provide you a quote that is guaranteed to be equal to or lesser than the guaranteed estimate.

If the guaranteed estimate is wrong, whether it was done on purpose or not, the moving quote becomes totally void. And some companies would renegotiate and inform you on the moving day itself. So try to make sure they get to do the final inventory, and you to declare everything. Remember, these are professional movers so they know if you are not being truthful.

Most people tend to believe that just because they have personally attended to packing, they will not be getting extra charges. In most cases, some clients have not packed everything on schedule or may have ran out of boxes to use. This is not a big issue, simply ask your service contractors to do the job for you. But you need to understand you will pay a rather hefty price on boxes and packing tapes. You will soon discover charges are more than you bargained for.

Some mercenary movers would pack boxes that are half filled so they have to use and charge extra boxes.
No Definite Move Size

Some movers may take a look at your stuff and declare that the moving service rate will be based on per cubic feet. But problem is, do you know just how much is one cubic foot? Then ask yourself, why would they rely on cubic area rather than weight? Chances are, the truck is poorly packed and you end up paying more.

Truck Rentals for Moving: How to Choose a Provider

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Moving requires looking into a hundred and one details, and before you know it, the date of the scheduled move is fast approaching. If you have not yet decided on which truck rentals for moving company to assist you with the relocation process, then you probably need to go ahead and find truck rentals for moving. However, there are certain considerations that you need to carefully take into account when choosing a truck rental agency. Here are some factors to guide you:

Size of the Moving Truck

With truck rentals for moving, this is an issue that should never be taken for granted. Getting an vehicle that is too large will smash up your possessions and may cause considerable damage. However, if you will choose to hire a one that is too small for your needs, then it will probably require more than one trip. It is quite okay if the trip is relatively short but it requires more than 30 minutes of travel time, then it can definitely be a nuisance.

In order to determine the accurate size of the truck rentals for moving you will need, you can ask for recommendations from different service providers. You can ask for a relocation quote and ask for an estimate. Otherwise, it is always best to err on the side of getting a bigger vehicle.

How Many Days Truck Rental Required

While in the process of reserving a moving truck, you need to discuss with the company representative the specific time you need to book the truck rentals for moving. Most agencies would require you to indicate how long you plan to use the vehicle and when it will be returned. Make plans ahead of time and schedule the move so you can have a better estimate as to the length of time you need.

One-way or Two-way Moving Rental

If you are relocating to another city or within the city is also one determining factor since this will help you decide if you need to rent a one-way or two-way truck rental. It is generally less expensive to leave the vehicle at another location and at the same time save your extra time travel. Be sure to inquire about the costs before signing the contract agreement.

Rent Dollies, Pads and Boxes

To be sure that that your stuff will arrive in good condition after using truck rentals for moving, it is important that the appropriate packing materials are used. If you want to save, then opt to rent from your rental agency. Take time to ask for some much-needed advice from your agent and determine what materials you will need such as pads or furniture covers.