Top 5 Best Rated Self Storage Centers in Utah County

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There are many different self storage options to choose from in Utah County. It is important to find out about a facility’s reputation before considering them as an option and before you actually rent a truck rental. After scouring reviews online, here is a countdown of the top five storage facilities available in Utah County based on available online ratings from past and current customers.

5. AAA Safe-n-Sound Storage

AAA Safe-n-Sound takes its place on the list for excelling in a few different areas. Due to its offering of both indoor and outdoor facilities, its convenient location and cleanliness, Safe-n-Sound received some positive reviews. However, S-n-S ranks last on the list due to some reports of less than stellar customer service.

4. American Self Storage

Next on the list is American Self Storage. This storage facility ranked highly among customers due to its affordability, wide range of available unit types, cleanliness and pleasant customer service. There were, however, some complaints about the lack of security features for the facility, so for this reason, American ranks fourth on the list.

3. Mountain View Storage

Not very many reviews could be found for Mountain View Storage, but the ones that exist laud Mountain View for its superior security and good customer service. There were no negative reviews found; perhaps this storage facility can move up on the list once more customer reviews are available.

2. AAA Lakeside Storage

AAA Lakeside Storage is commended for its reliability, security, flexibility and good customer service. Reviewers also remarked that the online pay feature is an added bonus. Lakeside is a well reviewed storage facility, but it lacks a couple of the features that the best rated self storage center in Utah County has.

1. Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage earned the top spot on the top five best rated storage center list for Utah County. Quality competition notwithstanding, the facility easily beat out the other contenders due to its wide ranging positive attributes. The facility has a convenient location easily accessible to drivers. It is touted as being clean and secure. There are several different storage space types to choose from for different storage needs. Last, but certainly not least, Extra Space ranked as one of the least expensive options on the list.

Take the time to find the facility that is best for you and your needs about the same time you are creating your moving checklist. Take all of the features of each facility into account and find out more about the storage facilities listed in Utah County.

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