How to Pack Breakables for Safe Transport

July 10, 2012 by  
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When moving with a truck rental, breakables are always the hardest items to pack. Aside from worrying whether you wrapped them up and stacked them well, you also have to wonder how they’ll hold up in the moving van. To ensure that your fragile items make it to your new house safely, here are some helpful tips.

  • Start by picking sturdy boxes and setting them up the right way. Remember that glassware tend to be heavy when stacked together, and you don’t want them crashing through the bottom of the box. Pick wide, high-quality packaging tape for sealing the bottom instead of scotch or masking tape. Make sure that the tape comes to about a third of the length of the box on both sides to keep it from peeling off.
  • Line the bottom of the box with crumpled newspapers to provide cushioning for the breakables during the travel and every time it’s picked up and set down.
  • Wrap up and pack the heaviest and strongest glassware first, such as glass trays and ceramic dishes. Each item should be wrapped individually with a sheet of newspaper or bubble wrap to keep them from banging into and scratching each other. Very thin glassware such as crystal glasses should be double-wrapped for extra protection. Don’t wrap them too tightly; loose wrapping will ensure that the item has enough cushioning to keep it from getting crushed.
  • Remember to pack similar plates and glasses with each other so they’ll be easier to stack. Keep from overfilling a box to prevent the carrier from accidentally dropping it because of the weight.
  • About three inches of the way up, stop filling the box; close the gap with more crumpled paper before sealing it. When boxes are transported, stacking is unavoidable, so this additional layer of protection on top will prevent damage even more.
  • Don’t forget to label boxes filled with breakables so that movers will know to be extra careful with them. Remember to mark which end is up, too, to keep from breaking the delicate items on top when the heavier ones press down on them. It would also be better to write down which box goes where to keep from repeatedly transferring boxes from one room to another.

Remember that when you pack for a move, you can never have too many boxes, old newspapers, bubble wrap, packaging tape and markers. It’s also faster (and more fun) when you have family or friends assisting you, so don’t be shy about asking for help. Just make sure that they’re old enough to handle glassware to keep from breaking anything even before the big move.


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