Helpful Tips on How to Move From Your House

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Moving your house with a truck rental is not a simple task. Without much experience, a beautiful piece of furniture or dinner plates may get ruined in the process. However, with the following tips, you should be in a position to move with no casualties.

Terrific Packing and Moving Tips


Avoid deciding on your moving date in a jiffy. Through proper planning, you’ll get more time to pack thus ensuring that your belongings are transported well. Use a checklist to ensure that everything is well packed.

Make a list

Make a list of your goods before packing them. This is basically to help you plan on the size of the transport vehicle and the number of boxes required. It is best to paste this list on the outer side of the boxes for purposes of reference. If you have a computer, make a soft copy of your list and add all the necessary items until everything is included. Do not hurry to get a print out. This way, you’ll avoid having to write and rewrite the list over and over again before the moving day.

Gather packing Supplies in advance

Many people tend to underestimate the size of their goods while moving. To prevent this from happening, get as many boxes as possible. It’s better to have leftover boxes rather than a shortage. Along with the boxes, you’ll also require having a packing tape to secure them as well as some other helpful packing supplies.

Colour Coordinate

Choose a different colour code for each of the rooms in your new home. This will help the movers to deliver the right boxes to the right rooms. For extra convenience, you can also stick a poster in your room (in your new house) indicating where you want boxes stacked.

Keep Important Documents Safe

Academic records, birth certificates, job contracts, bank records, phone list, utility bills, maps, title deeds should be kept safe. Don’t leave them to the mover. Carry them yourself.


Always have extra cash on hand to cater for emergencies. Be prepared to cater for plumbing issues or overnight stay in a hotel while moving.

How to pack your electronics while moving

Electronics should be transported inside their original packaging. This is simply to ensure that no harm is caused to the goods. Also, remember to mark which side up.

What about the furniture?

It is always best to dismantle the furniture while moving your home. Place the bolts, nuts and screws in a bag and stick a note on it. If you fail to do that, your shifting might become a real mess.

Packing appliances and collectibles

Before the moving day, wrap the appliances in linen or kitchen towels. It is also advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions for safety purposes. If there are some appliances that you can dismantle, then this would be a good idea. As for the collectibles, remember to add a lot of material around them so as to keep them secure.

Just to sum it up, even though moving your home may not necessarily be much fun, good planning will always help ease your burden. Hopeful, these tips will help you move without a headach