How Long Will it Take to Sell Your House?

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When trying to sell your home or property before you rent your truck rental, the speed at which it sells is always an important factor and something that everyone tries to make happen as fast possible. Currently the average time it takes for a house to sell is 10 – 12 weeks, more than 4 -6 weeks longer than the national average two years ago.
However there are a number of things that can either help or hinder the length of time it takes to sell a house and should be adhered to if you want that quick sale.

Make your house sellable! Too many people try to sell their house just as they live in it. This means clutter in the lounge, dishes in the sink and a grimy bathroom with dirt in the sink. This is not going to impress anyone. If you are lucky enough to have people through the door, then try to maximize the sale and wow them. Show them its full potential; make sure the house is spotless. If there are any minor damage or repairs that need to be made, then invest the time and money before you try to sell. Make it a show home.

The right price. Do not overprice your property. Do your research of what the property is currently worth and stick with it. Unfortunately house prices are not what they were 5 years ago, so don’t expect to ask for it. Look around at other houses in your area that are similar in size to gauge their asking price and get at least 3 valuations from 3 different estate agents to get an average.

Marketing. Do your utmost to get as many people looking at your property as possible. Ensure you use a reputable estate agent who will make sure your home is listed on all the relevant websites and is telling people about your property. One page in their office window is not enough. List it in local newspapers and even use social media to promote the sale. The more people who see your house, the quicker it will sell.

Chain reaction. Although its not always easy, try not to get caught up in a long property chain. The slowest person in a chain is the person controlling the speed at which all other sales and completions will take place. If there are a few people interested, then try to see what their current situation is. Sometimes going with the highest offer is not the best option if it means the sale will take 5 months to complete.

Although there is never guarantee for a really quick sale, if followed these simple and effective tips will definitely help. Good luck and happy selling.

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Jess Collins is passionate about home design, property and consumer rights. Preparing your property for sale is an essential step if you want to sell your house. By following this advice you can be sure of getting the best deal and the quickest sale when you sell your home.

The Benefits of Putting your Belongings in Storage

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One of the biggest challenges when moving from one house to another is storing your household items, especially if you plan on using a truck rental. It is quite normal to accumulate household items and other personal belongings after living in a house for a long period of time. Talk of several pieces of furniture, electronic equipment, clothes, kitchen appliances and even flooring carpets. As much as it looks hectic, you can’t avoid moving; probably because it is a new apartment or you secured a better paying job in a different city hence prompting you to move. However, all the storage challenges involved in moving house are solved by storage facilities that are put up to just keep your belongings. There is no doubt that such storage facilities have indeed simplified the once hectic experience of moving house. So, what are the benefits of storage facilities? Here they are;


Your major concern when moving house is the security of your belongings. It is painful to lose the household items you worked so hard to acquire because of poor storage. There is no better place that can guarantee the safety and security of your belongings other than a storage facility. As a matter of fact, your items are well kept and chances of losing even a single one of them are minimal. Simply put, having your belongings in a storage facility is as good as having them in your sight!

Well-kept Records

At times you accumulate so many household items that you even forget which belongs where! The older ones are quickly forgotten just as they are quickly replaced. Keeping them in a storage facility ensures that all of them are entered into a records book or inventory. This effectively means that wherever you go, a record of all your belongings is in place. You can have your own copy of the storage record to crosscheck with that of the storage facility whenever you want them.

Better organization.

Most people find it fairly difficult to organize their houses skilfully when there are so many items lying around. This makes a house look stuffy, disorganized and uncomfortable to live in. A storage facility offers you the freedom to have a manageable amount of items that can fit perfectly into your new house. There are items that you acquire that are not for use now, but later on in the future. With limited space, you honestly do not need them in your house before their time of use comes. A storage facility will give you adequate space to keep such items until you are ready to use them.

Cost Efficient

It can never be over without highlighting the financial commitment that you will make towards using the services of a storage facility to keep your household items and personal belongings. Having explained the first three benefits of storage facilities, the cost of keeping your items there cannot be too high. Although pricing terms depend on the amount of time you will keep your goods at the storage facility and the quantity of your items, you will still find it very affordable allowing you to save money while moving!

Conclusively, it is essential to note that choosing to use a storage facility to keep your household belonging is a personal decision. However, maximum security is guaranteed. So is your piece of mind!