Best Ways to Help Kids Deal with Moving to a New Town

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Moving, with a mover or a truck rental, is ranked as one of the top most stressful events that a family can go through. Children are especially vulnerable to the stress that a move creates. Often the stress of a parent can be unintentionally transferred to children. There are ways to reduce the stress on parents and on the children.

Keep Children Involved

Leave surprises for birthday parties. Moves are far too important to suddenly announce to children. They should be kept informed of the plans and feel like they are part of the process. Children often know that they are not making the decision, but feeling that their input is important goes a long way to reducing the level of stress and anxiety that they may feel about the move. Parents also benefit by not feeling like they are keeping secrets or worrying about what the children may feel.

Hire Professionals

Packing up and boxing up rooms is a source of extreme stress. Hiring professional moving companies is a great way to reduce this stress. Utah home movers and likewise professionals can pack, organize and transport belongings. This can provide extra time for parents to relax and spend time with the children.

Maintain Daily Routines

Professionals attest to the importance of keeping a daily routine. This is true for both parents and children. While the move may impact routine, try to keep to a routine schedule as much as possible. Children will still have the routine that helps to soften the uncertainty of the move. Slowly changing the routine can prevent stress for the parents by reducing the resistance from their children.

Saying Goodbye and Staying in Touch

Children will suffer from anxiety about leaving friends and family behind. It is important for the parents to provide children a chance to say goodbye. Organizing a party where excitement of the move can be emphasized. Adults can use the party to relieve their own anxiety as well. Just as important as farewells, it is important to keep in touch. Parents can incorporate communications with old friends and family with part of a routine. This decreases the sense of isolation that often follows moving.

Get Active in the New Community

Uncertainty is always a source of stress with children and parents. Children should immediately become involved with their new community. This provides children a chance to develop new relationships and gives them a sense of belonging in their new surroundings. This can present opportunities for parents to also network and find support among other parents.

Moves can represent one of the most stressful events of a person’s life. Parents often experience more stress because they worry for their children. This stress only adds to the child’s own anxious feelings. Taking a few simple steps can relieve stress for the parent and the child and turn an uncertain event into an exciting adventure.

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