6 Tips for Moving Memory Foam Mattresses

April 18, 2013 by  
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Memory foam mattresses are the bedding of choice for a superior night’s sleep. But when it comes to moving day, they can be a bit challenging. (And by “challenging”, we mean “droopy and heavy”.) Here are some tips on making the big day go smoothly.

1. Get chilly

If it’s possible in your climate, chill the mattress before moving it. This makes the mattress firmer and, thus, easier to move. In more northern areas, leave the window open overnight and move the mattress first thing in the morning. In warmer climates, try cranking the air conditioning and sleeping elsewhere the night before the move so that the mattress doesn’t absorbed your body heat from the night before.

2. Get a mattress bag

Mattress bags are available at movers and hardware stores. As you might expect, they keep your mattress from becoming soiled when you move it.

3. Get help

No one likes to move boxes alone, and this is even more true for memory foam mattresses. An average queen sized memory foam mattress weighs about 112lbs! Make sure that two people move memory foam mattresses larger than a twin size, and grab onto the non-memory foam parts for support. Your friends will appreciate hearing these tips beforehand!

4. Make sure you have a big enough vehicle

A small vehicle will not fit a queen size memory foam mattress — or any queen size mattress. Sorry. But very few of us really drive a small car on moving day. Now’s the time to find a friend with a pickup or hire a moving van.

5. Don’t worry too much about the foam

Because memory foam is so responsive to human touch, it’s easy to forget that memory foam is actually a pretty durable substance. You can fold it, put boxes on it, and pack it on its side, and it will be okay. That said, it should not be folded or strangely compressed for longer than two weeks at room temperature — so bear this in mind for longer moves. If you’re hiring a company for a longer move, make sure that the company knows how to move memory foam. Remind them in these cases that the foam cannot stay folded for longer than two weeks. If you’re passing through extreme climes (much warmer or much cooler) then it shouldn’t be folded for longer than a week.

6. Be generous with your helpers!

Moving a memory foam mattress is probably the hardest part of owning a memory foam mattress. Once you’ve moved the mattress into its new home, be sure to thank those that have helped you. Tip your movers generously. See if you can’t ingratiate yourself to your friends by exceeding the predictable beer and pizza (though do that, too).

Jay Smith is Chief Bloggiste at Novosbed.com Memory Foam Mattresses. If hard-pressed, she will say that she prefers moving her memory foam pillow over moving her memory foam mattress.