5 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

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Aside from packing fragile items, figuring out what to do with heavy furniture is quite possibly one of the most stressful aspects of moving. It’s awkward, cumbersome, and even potentially hazardous. To make things a little easier, follow these tips:

1.  Clear the Way. Don’t make a challenging situation worse by requiring yourself and others to navigate through a maze of boxes and clutter while carrying heavy items. Look at where your furniture is located in your home and the path it must take to get out. Then clear all items from that path, plus some extra space to allow for maneuverability.

2.  Use Leverage when Safely Possible. If you have non-carpeted floors, you can take much of the strain of moving furniture off your body by placing felt or cardboard under the furniture and sliding it as far as possible. You can also use dowel rods to roll your furniture across floors and over thresholds to reduce the amount of actual lifting you have to do.

3.  Call on the Professionals. If you are moving furniture up or down stairs, or if you can’t recruit enough help to move your heavy items, call a moving company. These professionals know how to move all sorts of items safely and you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or one of your loved ones.

You should also call the pros when you need to move items such as pianos or grandfather clocks. These items require particularly special handling that most people are unfamiliar with.

4.  Protect Your Back. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, no one is immune to back injuries. Whether you work in the construction field or design Maxwell Systems software, you must protect your back at all times. The last thing you need when trying to move is to not be able to move!

Use proper lifting techniques, bending at the knees and lifting from the legs. For extra protection, invest in a back brace or weighted belt to help you maintain proper lifting posture. Never try to lift a heavy item alone, or any item that will not allow you to stay in a protective position.

5.  Don’t Try to Move Loaded Furniture. While there isn’t much you can do to reduce the weight of a sofa, you can reduce the weight of your dressers, entertainment center, and desks. It’s not worth damage to your furniture or your body to try to save 10 minutes’ or less worth of work.

Remove all of the drawers to move individually. You can replace the drawers when the item is on the truck, or keep them out to replace once the furniture is in its new location. You may be surprised at how light an object becomes when reduced to its bare structure.

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