Affordable Self Moving with Self Pack Moving Companies

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Anyone who is facing a big move dreams of handing the reins over to a professional company, rather than use a truck rental, so that nothing is left behind, forgotten, or skipped. Because professionals are the best at what they do, they make sure that your move is taken care of from start to finish. The only drawback to this method is that it can get quite pricey. Thankfully, however, there are companies out there that have made professional relocating much more affordable for those who want to hire a company on a small moving budget. Affordable self moving does exist.

Making it Work

The idea behind affordable self moving is to put the customer in charge of as many aspects of a move as possible. The less that the company has to take care of, the less time and work has to be completed for your move. Out of this idea, self pack moving companies were born. Basically, self pack moving companies allow the customer to pack their own things in their own way, but still provide the valuable services of loading, unloading, and transport.

Cost Savings

Because the customer is in charge of the packing, they will not have to pay the fees associated with professional packers. The self pack moving companies do not have to employ people to offer this service either. On both ends, this saves money. Consumers can save more money using this method as well by using old boxes or packing things with their own versions of packing materials. In the end, this is a great solution to those who are facing a move but do not want to do it themselves.

Things to Remember

While self pack moving companies are growing in popularity, and the service they offer is becoming more refined, consumers still need to protect themselves from moving scams when considering affordable self moving. Always make sure that you have enough insurance coverage to cover a total loss in the event that such a thing occurs. This can save you a lot of hassle should something get damaged or lost in the course of the move.

Someone always needs to be present when the movers are. You should never leave the movers at your home without you or your representative there. Make sure to make an inventory or moving checklist, and keep track of everything as it is loaded. This way, when you arrive at your new home, you can verify that everything was offloaded. By keeping these simple things in mind, you can make sure that your move using self pack moving companies is easy and successful.

Car Shipping – Know How

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Shipping a car across the nation or even internationally is not an easy matter. Unlike mailing a letter there is a lot at stake. After all, a car is not only transportation to some but it can mean the ability to go to work or obtaining one’s essentials. This is a prime reason why, when shipping a car, you should choose your auto shipper confidently and without any second thoughts. The company you choose will be entrusted with the care and timely delivery of your car. To transport your car successfully, follow the steps below:

Preparing Your Car for it’s Journey-

1. Before you entrust your car to any transporting company you should make sure your car is in good, basic condition. It should be washed and cleaned thoroughly, ready for any inspection the company or state may require.

2. Remember to remove all of your belongings from the car –this includes accessories or any additional parts, such as the antenna or fog lights.

3. Double check the battery and radiator. The battery shouldn’t have any leaks and you should be careful to have anything connected to it that may drain its power, like an alarm system.

4. Ensure that the radiator has antifreeze. Lastly, leave the gas tank only a quarter full.

Leaving Your Car with the Auto Shipper-

When planning to hand your car over the shipping company, plan ahead. Like when moving or traveling, you should keep your schedule open and flexible, ready for any possible issues that may arise. Upon handing the car over to the company, make sure that you obtain the bill of lading. This document is of utmost importance, it should be signed by both yourself and the auto shipper. The bill will have a description of the condition the car was received in, and because of this, will allow you to file a claim should any discrepancies occur during the transport of the car. If a claim does need be made, file it within two weeks of the car’s delivery, but remember to pay the company in full as agreed until the claim is resolved.

Other Things to Consider-

1. Educate yourself with the auto shippers’ terms and insurance policies. It would be best to make sure that your car is properly insured.

2. Be aware, that although companies may offer services like pick up and delivery, this may not always occur. Theses services may be affected by any safety laws or inspections the DOT imposes on auto shipping companies.

3. Be prepared to make any deposit or payment in advance of any service. Preferably, ask ahead so that you are not surprised.

4. There are two options for car delivery: door-to-door or terminal delivery. If door-to-door is not available for you specific needs you can always choose to have the car shipped to a terminal delivery near you.