Moving Truck Rental: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the most common forms of moving transport these days is a moving truck rental. These trucks are quite common, and you can often spot one on the roads in your city or town. Most people know of their existence, but they do not always know about the trucks or what they can do with them. To this end, here are all the important things that you should know about moving trucks, before you ever consider renting one.

  1. Truck rentals are easy to get: There are multiple truck rental companies out there, and they all offer comparable pricing. As the consumer, you have all the power in choosing which company you like best, and who offers you the extra services that you might need.
  2. Trucks are easy to drive: Driving a large vehicle can be daunting, and many people fear having to drive a large moving truck. Moving truck rentals do not require special licenses to drive, and in the end they are not nearly as difficult as some people make them out to be.
  3. They can de-stress your move: Having the ability to change your dates or have the truck for as long as you need it can go a long way to taking the “rush” out of a move. Without this feeling of being pushed, you will never have to be overwhelmed and stressed out.
  4. You can rent a truck for local and long distance moving: Some people think that moving truck rentals can only be rented in a particular area because they have to be returned to a particular area. This is not true, and many companies offer affordable one way moving trucks.
  5. The Cabin is Comfortable: Modern advances allow companies to offer vehicles that are comfortable for the driver. If you are moving with teens, they too can ride in comfort in an air conditioned cabin with cushioned seats.
  6. It is hard to destabilize the truck: Some people are afraid of moving trucks because they say that they flip over easily. On the contrary, it is difficult to flip or roll one of these trucks and you can almost never load it wrong so that the center of gravity shifts. While loads should be spread out, destabilization is never an issue.
  7. Trucks for moving are affordable: No matter what you have to move, renting a moving truck is an affordable solution. While the charges are different from one company to another, you can always expect to pay a flat fee for the truck and a certain amount per mile that you drive.
  8. They have other uses too: These trucks are not just for moving anymore. People and small businesses put these trucks to use everyday for jobs other than moving. Shipping and delivery of goods, as well as transport of meals and supplies are all other uses of these vehicles.

As you can see, moving trucks present a very nice picture to those who need to move. With affordable prices and all the great things listed above, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing this method for your next move. In the end, renting a truck will make your move that much easier, no matter who is involved or where you are all going.

Moving in the Summer: Truck Rental Popularity in the Warm Season

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As the summertime arrives, we often notice that many people choose this time of year to move. Sometimes there is someone you know who is moving in the summer, or perhaps a neighbor has chosen the season to find a new home. Regardless of whom it is that is going to a new home, there are a variety of different reasons that people choose during this time of the year. Here are just a few of the most popular reasons behind the boom in moving in the summer.

  1. 1. No School: If you have a family, then you know that summertime is when the kids are out of school. It is much simpler to move with kids when there are no obligations for them to meet. Kids are only allowed to miss a few days of school, so by relocating in this season, we do not allow them to miss too much school. This, perhaps, is the most common reason behind this trend.
  2. 2. Warmer Temperatures: It is much simpler to shift when there is not snow on the ground or bad rain outside. Because the weather in the summer tends to be warm and consistent, it is a prime time for people to get a truck rental and go to a new home. This is also a fairly popular reason behind moving in the summer.
  3. 3. Vacation Time: The summer is one of the most common times that people choose to take vacations. As such, time off is generally expected and approved. Since you need some time off in order to coordinate and execute a move, the season is a good time to plan any DIY truck rental relocation. While you may have to flexible as to what part of the warm months you actually get, it is still simple to get the time at some point.
  4. 4. Everywhere is Accessible: Perhaps one of the best reasons for summertime moving for those who are moving to areas that are off the beaten path, is the fact that small roads and mountainous areas are not closed off due to hazardous conditions and snow. This time of year may, in fact, be the only time of the year that you can get to these places, so it is easy to see why this adds to the popularity of moving in the summer.

No matter where you are going, choosing to do so in the summer is a great idea. There are many reasons for this, especially if you are using a moving truck to haul your things. Keep these reasons in mind when you are thinking about when to plan your next move.

Truck Rentals for Moving: How to Choose a Provider

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Moving requires looking into a hundred and one details, and before you know it, the date of the scheduled move is fast approaching. If you have not yet decided on which truck rentals for moving company to assist you with the relocation process, then you probably need to go ahead and find truck rentals for moving. However, there are certain considerations that you need to carefully take into account when choosing a truck rental agency. Here are some factors to guide you:

Size of the Moving Truck

With truck rentals for moving, this is an issue that should never be taken for granted. Getting an vehicle that is too large will smash up your possessions and may cause considerable damage. However, if you will choose to hire a one that is too small for your needs, then it will probably require more than one trip. It is quite okay if the trip is relatively short but it requires more than 30 minutes of travel time, then it can definitely be a nuisance.

In order to determine the accurate size of the truck rentals for moving you will need, you can ask for recommendations from different service providers. You can ask for a relocation quote and ask for an estimate. Otherwise, it is always best to err on the side of getting a bigger vehicle.

How Many Days Truck Rental Required

While in the process of reserving a moving truck, you need to discuss with the company representative the specific time you need to book the truck rentals for moving. Most agencies would require you to indicate how long you plan to use the vehicle and when it will be returned. Make plans ahead of time and schedule the move so you can have a better estimate as to the length of time you need.

One-way or Two-way Moving Rental

If you are relocating to another city or within the city is also one determining factor since this will help you decide if you need to rent a one-way or two-way truck rental. It is generally less expensive to leave the vehicle at another location and at the same time save your extra time travel. Be sure to inquire about the costs before signing the contract agreement.

Rent Dollies, Pads and Boxes

To be sure that that your stuff will arrive in good condition after using truck rentals for moving, it is important that the appropriate packing materials are used. If you want to save, then opt to rent from your rental agency. Take time to ask for some much-needed advice from your agent and determine what materials you will need such as pads or furniture covers.

Loading Truck Rentals for Moving

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You see truck rentals for moving on the roads every day. They are all over the country, and nearly anyone can rent one of these vehicles for nearly any purpose. Perhaps the most popular purpose for these tools is to move from one home or business to another, and people are well aware of this. What is often misunderstood, however, is how these moving truck rentals should be loaded. In order to save money and time, you should know about loading truck rentals before you actually rent it.

Start from the Back

The best place to start from when moving is the back when loading truck rentals, and you should strive to put all of the boxes that you can back there in the rear of the truck rental. Build a new wall forward as you load everything into the back, filling the top crawlspace as well as the floor. Even things out and make some attempt at stacking like boxes together rather than creating an uneven pattern. This will not only get these boxes out of your home, but it will give you a solid base for loading and packing uneven items.

Large Furniture

Consider loading your couch into the truck next, on its end. Loading truck rentals this way will make the most of the space that you have in the trailer. At the same time, you will not have to load or stack anything on top of it, which can prevent damage and other problems that you might run into along the way. Tables should be loaded top down, as they should also not have to hold anything up. If possible, consider dismantling anything that you can in order to save space. Just remember to hold on to any hardware that comes with the items so that you can put them back together when you reach your new home.

Small Spaces

Make sure to maximize your space usage by storing small packages and other items on bookshelves and in other small areas where nothing is meant to be when loading truck rentals. This can save you some space as well as keeping things from shifting too much when you go to drive the one way truck rental to your new place. Fragile items do well on the higher shelves of a bookcase that is loaded along the wall.

Flat Items

Push mattresses and box springs along one of the walls on the side. Place other appliances, such as a washer and dryer, on the other side of these items to keep them in place. In order to protect pictures and other things that you hand on your wall, slide them in between the mattresses and the wall, keeping them safe.

Loading a truck rental for moving is not a difficult task if you are aware of what you are doing. Make sure that you have a good idea of how things are going to fit before you actually bring the truck home. Also make sure that you know what size that you will need so that you don’t waste money and time on one that will have lots of empty space. Use these tips to help make your move a simple one with a truck rental.

Truck Rentals for Moving Offer Method for Emergency Relocation

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The financial crisis is hitting home for so many in the United States as well as other countries in the world. Many people find themselves in a bad position, losing their home and having to move right now. Chances are, these people were not counting on having to move, and it is likely that they do not have a schedule or a budget planned out in advance. Thankfully, however, there is a method of changing homes out there that can help people in such situations make it through a move without draining the bank account or creating too much stress.

Why Truck Rentals?

Truck rentals for moving are a great way to handle a rush move. There are plenty of last minute movers out there, but these companies cannot always fill every single need. You can use a one way truck rental to handle your long distance move, or a local rental to deal with a move right down the road. The benefits are many, but you will quickly see that a rental is cheaper and can be faster if you have help packing and loading the truck. In many ways, trucks can be perfect for your move, even if you are stressed about the reasons behind it.

Choosing a Truck

No matter why you are looking into truck rentals for moving for your emergency needs, you need to be aware of a few things that can help you choose the right truck. You should first be aware that trucks come in a variety of different sizes, and you should be sure that you are not wasting money by having extra space open in the truck or having to make multiple trips. Many different companies offer tools that help you calculate the size of the truck that you will need for your move.

You should also check with a local agency, such as the better business bureau, to make sure that the company offers high quality trucks that are not going to break down in the middle of your trip. This call will only take you a couple of minutes, but it can save you lots of trouble in the end by helping you to avoid moving scams.

Signing the Contract

Chances are, if you need to move right now, you will be quick to sign the contract that the company offers you. This is ok, but you need to read all of the fine print and be aware of what you are signing. Make sure that there are no stipulations that you do not agree with. Also be sure to sign for insurance coverage, just in case something bad were to happen to the truck or its contents. Once you are happy with the contents of the contract, you can sign it and begin the act itself.

Use Truck Rentals for Moving for Easy Business Relocation

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There is no doubt that moving and relocating a business is difficult work. You are sure to be feeling the stress as the moving day approaches, and you need to be prepared for how you plan on transporting all of your company’s belongings from one place to another. There are many different ways to accomplish this task, but you are going to want two major things to be present when choosing a method. These things are cost savings and control.

Why Truck Rentals?

Simply stated, truck rentals for moving save both time and money as well as keeping you in control of your own move. You do not have to worry about strangers coming into your office and handling all of your inventory and important paperwork. You can organize and move how you wish, provided that you follow the laws. In most cases, your current employment pool is perfectly sufficient enough to handle the packing and loading process of the relocation, as well as the unloading and unpacking process at the other end. What’s more, they will probably thank you for spending your extra money on their salaries while your doors are closed rather than hiring a moving company to handle things.

Benefits Abound

If you truly want a move that is simple and easy for your business, you will appreciate the benefits that one way truck rentals give you. There are many different choices when it comes to these trucks. Choices can include prices, sizes, colors, types, and shapes. You name it, it probably has already been thought of and implemented.

Remaining in control of the things that happen throughout the move is very important as well. You need to keep on track according to your own schedule, but you want to make sure that everything you have spent time and money on creating is not destroyed in the process. If you are in charge of every aspect of the move, then you can be sure that your things will arrive to the new place of business in one piece.

Any Way You Slice It

It doesn’t matter why you are moving, where you are moving, or what your current resources are, there is a solution for you. Truck rentals for moving provide modern business owners with a chance to move, and still keep everything in the right budget, schedule, and condition. In the end, this is probably the best, easiest, and most cost effecting method to moving your company to its new home, no matter where that home may be.

Moving with Special Needs Children

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Moving with Special Needs Children

Relocation with a child is especially hard for anyone, but if that child is a special needs child, the task gets even more difficult. These kids usually require very specialized one on one attention nearly all moments of the day. Because a move is so complex and time consuming, it can seem like an impossible task; moving with a special needs children. It is possible; however, you simply need to prepare for the relocation a bit differently than others. Depending on the needs of your son or daughter, you may be able to use certain services to provide for your relocation needs. The best place is to start early and at the beginning in order to organize so that everything is covered.


Getting organized for moving with special needs children is one of the most important things that you can do. Part of these preparations includes choosing the right method for your situation. In most cases, you are going to need a method that will allow you some time leeway to deal with unexpected problems that might arise. Moving truck rentals are a great choice in these situations as they allow you extra time and require no strict time schedule. Make sure that you reserve the truck for enough extra time so that you do not have to be rushed.

Most of these kids need to have some kind of warning when things are about to change. Planning in extra time buffers can help you avoid meltdowns that can occur when things change too fast for them.


Another way to help special needs kids cope with the transition is to allow them to help with the move. Getting truck rentals for the move will allow this to happen. Because you will be taking care of all aspects of the move yourself, you can plan in events that the child can help with. This may include packing or even loading the truck with their things. They need to be sure that they will not be losing their things, but instead they will know where and when everything is at any given time. This small step will go a long way to helping you maintain a calm and simple environment throughout moving with special needs children.

Handling Change

There are plenty of resources online and in various books that can help you help your child cope with the change that a move brings. Again, truck rentals will allow you the freedom to sit and have some one on one time with your special needs child without becoming detrimental to the move itself. All in all, this is probably the best method for handling a move where a child who need special attention is concerned. When you are finally finished, you will see that moving with special needs children is possible without tons of stress.

Affordable Self Moving with Self Pack Moving Companies

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Anyone who is facing a big move dreams of handing the reins over to a professional company, rather than use a truck rental, so that nothing is left behind, forgotten, or skipped. Because professionals are the best at what they do, they make sure that your move is taken care of from start to finish. The only drawback to this method is that it can get quite pricey. Thankfully, however, there are companies out there that have made professional relocating much more affordable for those who want to hire a company on a small moving budget. Affordable self moving does exist.

Making it Work

The idea behind affordable self moving is to put the customer in charge of as many aspects of a move as possible. The less that the company has to take care of, the less time and work has to be completed for your move. Out of this idea, self pack moving companies were born. Basically, self pack moving companies allow the customer to pack their own things in their own way, but still provide the valuable services of loading, unloading, and transport.

Cost Savings

Because the customer is in charge of the packing, they will not have to pay the fees associated with professional packers. The self pack moving companies do not have to employ people to offer this service either. On both ends, this saves money. Consumers can save more money using this method as well by using old boxes or packing things with their own versions of packing materials. In the end, this is a great solution to those who are facing a move but do not want to do it themselves.

Things to Remember

While self pack moving companies are growing in popularity, and the service they offer is becoming more refined, consumers still need to protect themselves from moving scams when considering affordable self moving. Always make sure that you have enough insurance coverage to cover a total loss in the event that such a thing occurs. This can save you a lot of hassle should something get damaged or lost in the course of the move.

Someone always needs to be present when the movers are. You should never leave the movers at your home without you or your representative there. Make sure to make an inventory or moving checklist, and keep track of everything as it is loaded. This way, when you arrive at your new home, you can verify that everything was offloaded. By keeping these simple things in mind, you can make sure that your move using self pack moving companies is easy and successful.

Getting the Best Deal on Truck Rentals

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It is becoming more and more apparent that people can save money by doing things themselves. Relocation is one of these things. Relocating yourself can be a fun experience, as long as you are saving money, right? Experts agree that the do it yourself approach is the cheapest method out there, and many consumers will agree. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that they can get even better deals by taking a couple of extra steps.

Online Deals

There are many different places that a person can go to in order to find the best deal on truck rentals. Since the advent of the internet, this is one of the most common places. Many consumers go online to find companies that are offering promotions on certain services or dates. Third party companies can also assist in the deal finding process by providing consumers to a service that allows multiple companies to compete for business. This competition often draws lower than normal prices, and thus, a lower cost, from all companies involved.


Coupons are another method of saving money and finding the best deal on truck rentals. There are many places that a person can get coupons, and although they are not as common as they once were, many people still find that they can get them a good deal. Some coupons are located online, and can be printed out in order to be used. Other coupons are simply codes that need to be entered upon the confirmation of a reservation of a truck. Finally, there are plenty of in print coupons that can be used to save money.


Talking with the company that is providing truck rentals for moving may net you a deal as well. Many companies post their set prices, and cannot change them. Some companies, however, are able to haggle and will do so in order to get your business. Smaller, mom and pop type truck rental companies are those that are most likely to do this. Remember that it never hurts to ask when looking for that best deal on truck rentals.

Pick an Off Date

Many truck rentals have peak days and off days. Summertime is a popular time for relocation, while the spring and fall are not. Choosing to move during one of the off times of the year can net you with a much better price than if you were to move during the peak of the season. Many companies that offer the best deal on truck rentals are eager to rent as many trucks as they can during the off times in order to make more profits.

Keeping these facts in mind will really help you find a great deal on a truck rental. No matter how far away you plan on moving, knowing that you got a good deal on your transportation is sure to relieve quite a bit of the stress that you are feeling. It will also give you a bit of extra cash to spend when you finally get to your new home as well. Thus, make sure to take this list with you and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions when you are shopping around.

Between Moving Yourself and Hiring a Company

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We all know that moving is a stressful time in anyone’s life. When you first find out that you have to move, you are sure to realize that the project you are about to undertake is going to be massive. It is at this pivotal moment, that you will have to sit down and decide what method you will be using to move. When faced with so much flying at you at one time, you might think that you only have two choices. To many, however, the choice between hiring a professional mover and renting a truck is like choosing between worse and worst.

The Alternative

To these people, and businesses who are moving, who do not find any of the moving method options out there appealing, there is a third choice. This choice, which is rising in popularity as of late, combines the best of a professional moving service with the best advantages of moving yourself. This relatively new service is known as self pack moving companies, and if you are one that does not want to hire a professional or move yourself, then this may be the perfect option.

Benefits of Self Pack

There are many benefits of this new service offered by self pack moving companies. Because the service combines the best of the two traditional methods, you can expect nothing but a stress free and easy process. One of the biggest and best of all the benefits that you will find when using this method is the cost. While moving yourself will end up costing less, using a self pack moving company will save you tons of time, which can mean money in the long run. You will also be able to be in charge of the move from start to finish, but you will not have to climb into the cab of a big and unfamiliar truck after spending hours packing and loading it.

Self Pack Basics

Self pack moving companies are not hard to understand. The service is actually quite simple. Instead of having someone come into your home to pack and load, you do these tasks. This means that you have complete control over what things go where, and how they are packed. You will also be able to use your own packing supplies, which can end up saving you money.

When all of your things are packed, you will have to load them into a portable container, which is much like loading a truck rental. This container is dropped off to your front yard, where you have a certain amount of time to load it. You will be in charge of the loading process, and you can rest assured that it is completed in the correct manner. On the other end of your move, you will have to do the same in reverse, meaning that you can take your time and place things where they need to go in your new home.

The Easy Way to Move

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to use a self pack moving company when you move. Costs, peace of mind, and knowing you are in charge of your move without having to exhaust yourself are some of the best ways to make sure that your move leaves you happy, healthy, and far from broke.

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