The Benefits of Putting your Belongings in Storage

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One of the biggest challenges when moving from one house to another is storing your household items, especially if you plan on using a truck rental. It is quite normal to accumulate household items and other personal belongings after living in a house for a long period of time. Talk of several pieces of furniture, electronic equipment, clothes, kitchen appliances and even flooring carpets. As much as it looks hectic, you can’t avoid moving; probably because it is a new apartment or you secured a better paying job in a different city hence prompting you to move. However, all the storage challenges involved in moving house are solved by storage facilities that are put up to just keep your belongings. There is no doubt that such storage facilities have indeed simplified the once hectic experience of moving house. So, what are the benefits of storage facilities? Here they are;


Your major concern when moving house is the security of your belongings. It is painful to lose the household items you worked so hard to acquire because of poor storage. There is no better place that can guarantee the safety and security of your belongings other than a storage facility. As a matter of fact, your items are well kept and chances of losing even a single one of them are minimal. Simply put, having your belongings in a storage facility is as good as having them in your sight!

Well-kept Records

At times you accumulate so many household items that you even forget which belongs where! The older ones are quickly forgotten just as they are quickly replaced. Keeping them in a storage facility ensures that all of them are entered into a records book or inventory. This effectively means that wherever you go, a record of all your belongings is in place. You can have your own copy of the storage record to crosscheck with that of the storage facility whenever you want them.

Better organization.

Most people find it fairly difficult to organize their houses skilfully when there are so many items lying around. This makes a house look stuffy, disorganized and uncomfortable to live in. A storage facility offers you the freedom to have a manageable amount of items that can fit perfectly into your new house. There are items that you acquire that are not for use now, but later on in the future. With limited space, you honestly do not need them in your house before their time of use comes. A storage facility will give you adequate space to keep such items until you are ready to use them.

Cost Efficient

It can never be over without highlighting the financial commitment that you will make towards using the services of a storage facility to keep your household items and personal belongings. Having explained the first three benefits of storage facilities, the cost of keeping your items there cannot be too high. Although pricing terms depend on the amount of time you will keep your goods at the storage facility and the quantity of your items, you will still find it very affordable allowing you to save money while moving!

Conclusively, it is essential to note that choosing to use a storage facility to keep your household belonging is a personal decision. However, maximum security is guaranteed. So is your piece of mind!

Self Pack Moving Companies: Extra Time to Prepare Your Home

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Moving or renting a truck rental is a fairly stressful time in anyone’s life. With so much going on, it is hard to keep up with all the little tasks that need to be completed. You need to remember little things, like cleaning up and repairing your home before you move, which can take even more time out of your life. Although it might seem impossible to you at the beginning, it is not. You can accomplish everything that you need to do for your move, save money, and make sure that they home you leave is in good condition. Self pack moving companies can help you.

Saving Time

Saving time is important when you are moving. There are plenty of things to spend your time on, and you need to conserve as much of it as possible. While you will have to spend time on cleaning and preparing your home for the move, you can save time by hiring self pack moving companies to handle the actual transport. This can save you from having to load a one way truck rental, or from having to hire expensive moving companies that handle all aspects of the move. At the same time, you will be able to pack yourself, giving you the chance to move things into a staging area and clean up as you go. By conserving time and efforts in this manner, you can really save quite a bit of time.

Saving Money

Moving is a pricey event, so every chance that you get to save some money you should jump on. Self pack moving companies save you lots of cash over hiring a professional company. Because they are only providing limited services to you and your move, they will only be charging for the services rendered. You can find other ways to further save cash by using boxes that you get at your local grocery store or by padding delicate items with your linens. No matter how you do it, saving money should be one of the things that you strive for when you are moving.

Leaving it Nice

No matter why you plan on moving out of your home now, or where you plan on moving to, you should always try to save money and time, but leave your home in good condition for the new people who will be moving in. Make sure to clean up each room as best as you can as well as repairing any damage that may have been created as you live in the home. Doing this will not only provide a positive impression on the buyers, but it will ensure that dirt and grime are not a deal breaker for your home’s sale.

Stress Free Move, and How to Have One

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Moving is not simple or easy. If you ask anyone who has moved recently, you will probably get a similar answer all the way around. This is one of the most stressful moments in anyone’s life, and most people would agree that a stress free move is impossible. For anyone who finds themselves in this situation, there are solutions and answers that can help make things much easier than you might think is possible. Here are just three simple ideas that can help you make your relocation much simpler.

Choosing the Right Way to Move

Choosing the right moving method for your needs is a very important step in the direction of a stress free move. Perhaps one of the best methods for any type of move is hiring self pack moving companies. These companies specialize in transporting your goods from one place to another, no matter how much you have or how far you are going. You are responsible for packing your own goods, which gives you control of how your delicate and fragile items are packed. The loading and transport is completed by the company, relieving you of the stress that those jobs entail. As you might gather, self pack moving companies can really make your move simple.

Getting a Good Deal

Money is a root of stress for many people, no matter where the person might live. Moving companies cost money, so the more you can save, the better off you will be. There are plenty of one way truck rentals that can be obtained for personal use so that you can save lots of money on your move. Using and reusing boxes and other packing materials can also save you quite a bit when you are relocating. I the end, small things can save you lots, so you should look carefully at every aspect of your personal relocation project so that you can have a stress free move.

Making Sure of Coverage

Accidents do happen. It doesn’t matter if you hire self pack moving companies or you choose to get truck rentals for moving, you need to have adequate insurance coverage in the event that your things are broken, damaged, or lost along the way. While some homeowners’ policies will cover moves, you should not count on it. Make sure that you check this possibility out, but make plans to have a backup source of coverage anyways.

No matter why you are moving, you are sure to see some stress from this event. There are lots of things to consider when you move, and it is important to make sure that you get through it in one piece. These three tips will go a long way to helping you have a stress free move experience, even if it is your first time moving.

Self Pack Moving Companies and Preparation

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Getting organized and prepared for a move is probably one of the most hectic things that you will ever do in your life. There will be a lot of different things going on at the same time when you decide that you will be moving, especially if you have kids or pets. While using self pack moving companies is a popular choice for many people who are relocating these days, it takes care and preparation. It is easy to get prepared, but you must know how.


Self pack moving companies require that you pack your own things to be moved. While they take care of the loading, driving, and unloading, you must make sure that all of your belongings are safely packed in boxes or cartons before the company arrives. This is a process that can take days and possibly weeks, so it is something that you need to start right away. There are many different ways to pack things, but there are a few specific tips that you should consider to make your relocation go a little bit smoother.

Breakables are a stress point when it comes to packing, as no one wants to lose their favorite dishes, figurines, or other delicate items. It is vital that these items get packed in protection so that the jostling of the moving truck or truck rental does not cause breakage. Moving and relocation stores sell bubble wrap as well as wrapping paper that can help you protect these items. You can also purchase special cell kits that allow you to pack each delicate item separately if you care to have extra protection.

Planning Moving Day

When you plan to hire self pack moving companies for your relocation project, then you need to make sure that your home is set for them on moving day. That means a couple of different things depending on if you have kids, pets, or other special specific needs. Pets, for example, should always be put in an empty and enclosed room so that they do not have a chance to get out when the self pack moving companies come in and out of the door. If you have children, then you might want to consider getting a sitter for the time that the moving company will be at your home. Each person will have their own specific needs, and you are no different. It is important to organize your thoughts and plan out what will happen on the day of the move so that you will be all set when the moving company shows up at your door that day.

Reap the Benefits

After all is said and done, your hard work packing and your choice to use self pack moving companies will pay off. While you could have chosen a different moving method, using this one has allowed you to enjoy the trip to your new home while being able to save money on your move. There is no need to worry about the way that someone packed your goods either when you choose this method. At the end of the day, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of your move.

Space Estimator Widget

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New widget we came up with will estimate the space of truck for your move