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It is becoming more and more apparent that people can save money by doing things themselves. Relocation is one of these things. Relocating yourself can be a fun experience, as long as you are saving money, right? Experts agree that the do it yourself approach is the cheapest method out there, and many consumers will agree. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that they can get even better deals by taking a couple of extra steps.

Online Deals

There are many different places that a person can go to in order to find the best deal on truck rentals. Since the advent of the internet, this is one of the most common places. Many consumers go online to find companies that are offering promotions on certain services or dates. Third party companies can also assist in the deal finding process by providing consumers to a service that allows multiple companies to compete for business. This competition often draws lower than normal prices, and thus, a lower cost, from all companies involved.


Coupons are another method of saving money and finding the best deal on truck rentals. There are many places that a person can get coupons, and although they are not as common as they once were, many people still find that they can get them a good deal. Some coupons are located online, and can be printed out in order to be used. Other coupons are simply codes that need to be entered upon the confirmation of a reservation of a truck. Finally, there are plenty of in print coupons that can be used to save money.


Talking with the company that is providing truck rentals for moving may net you a deal as well. Many companies post their set prices, and cannot change them. Some companies, however, are able to haggle and will do so in order to get your business. Smaller, mom and pop type truck rental companies are those that are most likely to do this. Remember that it never hurts to ask when looking for that best deal on truck rentals.

Pick an Off Date

Many truck rentals have peak days and off days. Summertime is a popular time for relocation, while the spring and fall are not. Choosing to move during one of the off times of the year can net you with a much better price than if you were to move during the peak of the season. Many companies that offer the best deal on truck rentals are eager to rent as many trucks as they can during the off times in order to make more profits.

Keeping these facts in mind will really help you find a great deal on a truck rental. No matter how far away you plan on moving, knowing that you got a good deal on your transportation is sure to relieve quite a bit of the stress that you are feeling. It will also give you a bit of extra cash to spend when you finally get to your new home as well. Thus, make sure to take this list with you and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions when you are shopping around.


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