Questions to Ask a Packing Service if you are Considering Using their Service

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Packing is often the most stressful aspect of moving homes. Look around you; all those wooden furniture items, books, kitchen appliances, tables, chairs – it’s all too much sometimes to think about how you are logistically going to get everything organise and ready to go as soon as the removal men arrive.

Questions to Ask a Packing Service if you are Considering Using their Service

If it is too daunting a task, or you simply rather just not do, then there are packing companies out there who will do it all for you. For a price they will come round, pack everything away in a neatly and professional manner in the transport vessels they provide themselves. This will save you the time an effort of sourcing cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap, plastic containers, and whatever else, as well saving you time as you won’t have to pack anything. If you are considering using their service, below are some questions to ask your potential packing company:

• Are they available when you need them?
As you will have some time between finding out when you’re moving out and the actual day you are moving out, your availability should be quite flexible. But this is no ways means leaving booking a packing service, if you require one, to the last minute. As soon as you find your move out day, phone up packing services to see if they are available on any day that you too are also available. If they are fully booked, then there is not much point continuing the conversation – you’ll have to look elsewhere for your packing needs.

• What service do they provide?
Like with every other industries, the services that packing companies provide will vary from a full packing service (where they will pack away everything you own ready for the removal company London as soon as they knock on the door) to a lighter service (when they only pack what you tell them to pack). What you decide will largely be down to how much money you are willing to pay. If money is no option, then why not chose a full packing service. But if you are working to a budget, then a lighter service is probably right for you.

• Do they provide an insurance policy?
Accidents happen: it may not be anyone’s fault, but whether it happens or not, it’s always nice to have financial security for the worst case scenario. Most packing services will recognise that accidents happen on the job and, as such, will offer insurance policies to ensure that if the worst does happen you’ll be fully compensated for it.

• Do they provide their own packing materials?
Almost all certainly will, but there may be the odd one that doesn’t. With this in mind, it’s always best to ask just in case. If you already have the packing materials but just can’t be bothered to do the packing, then ask them that if they will provide a discount if they provide their own packing materials.

• How much do they charge?
This, by all accounts, is probably the most pertinent question you can ask. Do not by any means take the first quote you are offered – it probably won’t be the cheapest. Shop around multiple companies to get the best range of quotes you can, and then use those quotes as leverage against other companies. This will ensure you that you get the most out of your pounds. The price of hiring a packing company will largely depend on the service you require. Needless to say, a more extensive service will cost more and a less extensive one will cost less. Whatever you decide to choose is down to you, your individual circumstances, and your budget.


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