DIY Removal How to Ensure You Will Get Things Done

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Moving a home or a business can not only be traumatic emotionally, but also an expensive proposition. In the long-term it usually pays for business and even a homeowner to take an upwards step as their family or business expands. However, if the move is inevitable, the costs involved in making it happen will usually work out to be a considerable expense, whose financial benefits may not be initially obvious.

Hiring the services of a professional removal contractor will generally relieve the tremendous burden of organising the removal, yet many business owners or family heads may not have the financial capability to cover the cost of the move, while there may be many others who do have the cash at their disposal, but prefer to take on the challenge of making the move on their own.

While there will be still be costs involved in taking on a DIY removal, though they may well fade into insignificance in comparison to hiding the services of a professional removal contractor. . However the headaches can be considerable and must be clearly thought out before any decisions are made. One thing for sure is that before a single cup has been packed or a file folded, it is down to the person organising the move to make sure that proper insurance be arranged to protect valuable property in the event of damages.

The first (and without the doubt the most important) step in organising a successful DIY removal is finding a suitable truck to do the move. Today it is possible to hire a self drive van or a van that comes complete with a driver. A van and driver hire is as it sounds- the driver only drives the van and never handles any of the goods being transported, Depending on the distances involved in the removal, and the amount of possessions to be transports this can be quite a cost effective way of moving house, although it lays a lot of responsibility on the person organising the move as the van will usually be charged by the hour and the longer the removal takes the more it costs.

If the distances involved are less, then a smaller self drive van may be more cost effective even if a number of journeys are involved.

Once the issue of transport has been settled, the next problem is one of who gets to be the “heavy lifters” on the removal team. Moving furniture and domestic electrical goods requires not only physical strength but also no little expertise. Many a muscle bound mover with the best of intentions has been sent home early after damaging their back by making the wrong maneuver when lifting something wrongly. Lifting and lying is the key to a successful DIY move, meaning that at least one person on the crew with some experience to lead the team will be invaluable.

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