Some Ways to Cut Back on Your Moving Costs

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Moving to a new house or apartment is not just a moment that demands a lot of packing and dealing with a river of emotions. It is also a process that entails a lot money. In an average, a household move can cost at least $12,000 in the US and about £9,500 in the UK. However, the said amounts are for a full-service move, wherein a professional moving company does all the packing and moving for the client. These prices may even go up with the addition of unexpected costs.

Due to the expenses involved, a lot of people choose to relocate without the help of professional movers by renting a truck. This is a great  way to cut back on moving cost and a viable option if you have the manpower. However, if you do not have the manpower required, you will have to employ the service of a professional mover. And if this is the case, you are probably worried about the money you will have to spend. Fortunately, there are ways how you can reduce your moving costs, and here are some tips how you can do so.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need

Be aware that the weight of your load is a factor that can affect the price of your move. Hence, in order to save some cash, do an inventory of all your stuff and get rid of those you do not need. Finding items that you can donate, recycle or throw away can significantly reduce the total amount of things to be transported by up to 50%, which also equates to reduced payment cost for your mover.

Purchase your own moving boxes and pack some of your stuff

Aside from the packing and moving services that professional movers provide, most of them also sell moving boxes and other packing supplies. However, they can be a bit costly compared to the ones you can get from the stores in your area. Hence, try purchasing recycled boxes and pack some of the items yourself. Doing these will not only save you money on the boxes but will also reduce the amount of time movers will spend packing and moving your stuff.

Label your boxes properly

Another great way to reduce moving time is to properly label your boxes. You can purchase colored tapes and indicate which room each box should go. Labels will also protect your belongings against possible damage since you can indicate how the boxes should be hand, if the contents are fragile or are sensitive to elements like water or sunlight.

Time your move

Keep in mind that a lot of people choose to move during weekends, so moving companies usually increase their rates at these times. Hence, schedule your relocation day during the week and you will be able to save a good sum of money.

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