Insurance for Moving: The Basics on Rental Moving Truck Insurance

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If you are planning and making preparations for a move, then you are probably considering on renting a moving truck rental. In essence, you are entrusting all your life’s treasures and possession to some company’s vehicle. And while you have probably made all the necessary considerations such us contracting the services of a reputable company, accidents and mishaps are always lurking nearby, just when you least expect it. So to be on the safe side, it is important to remember to discuss the provisions of moving truck insurance with your service provider. Insurance for moving is vital.

Keep in mind that no two companies are the same. This goes without saying all insurance for moving companies keep different standards that they follow especially when it comes to the nitty-gritty stuff on the details of the moving insurance. So before you sign along the dotted lines, it is advisable to do a little research. Take note that there are companies that specialize in short distance moving while there are also some that cater cross-country or cross-state moves.  And more often than not, these two companies offer different coverage on moving truck insurance. In most cases, short distance moves offer lesser insurance coverage.

Relocation truck insurance, in general offer protection for possible accidents, damage and even theft. One of the most common misconceptions that most of us share is the notion that your regular car insurance can amply cover the insurance that comes with relocation. This is entirely different and should not be confused.

There are two most common types of insurance for moving offered today: the Limited Damage Waiver insurance and the Supplemental Liability Insurance. The former offers protection on you as a client of not having to pay should there be any damage incurred on the rental truck, only up to a certain amount. The latter, on the other hand, providers coverage should there be any claim made against the rental company or you by a third party.

Now if you are concerned about the value of your possession, then you need to ask your service provider if they offer assessed value insurance. Such type of insurance will cover the declared cost of your items should it incur any damage or loss while in transit. This insurance is highly recommended when you plan on moving across countries, as its probably not necessary when the trip is relatively short. So how do you go about assessing the rental service? First ask for the rental rates for the suitable size of vehicle. You can ask for quotes via online forms or by phone and is usually based on a daily rate basis along with the total mileage. Once you have strike a reasonably deal with your service provider then make sure to make the necessary reservations.


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