The Importance of Moving Insurance

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Moving can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not have enough insurance coverage to make sure that you do not lose more money than you have already spent on the move itself. There are so many different things going on at this point in time, things are easily broken, lost, or even stolen. In order to make sure that you and your things all arrive at your destination in one piece, you need to obtain sufficient insurance coverage to cover anything that might happen, even a total loss. It is not unheard of for moving trucks to get into accidents, or for truck rentals to break down, so give yourself the peace of mind by purchasing enough insurance when you move.

Where to Find It

There are many different places to get insurance coverage for your move. The first place to look is with the company that you have chosen to handle your relocation. By law, all moving companies need to have certain liabilities that they pay for, but these liabilities are rarely enough to cover your things. Truck rental companies have different levels of liabilities, as they will not be driving the vehicle, but they are still bound by law to carry some type of insurance. Because of this, most moving companies offer optional add on insurance that you can purchase when you decide to move with them. Most of these extra policies are based on a charge per pound that your belongings weigh.

Homeowners Policies

Many homeowner’s policies also include a clause for moving and in transit items. This may be something that you did not purchase when you got the policy, but you can opt in for now. Make sure to call your agent in order to find out what the specifics of your own policy are, and if you can purchase anything extra to cover anything that you are moving. This can save you money on your move by reducing your insurance costs, especially if you are already covered.

Outside Companies

If you find that neither of these options works for you, then there are plenty of outside companies that would be happy to help you line up a policy to cover your goods while they are in transit. You can use one of these companies to cover everything, or you can use it to supplement any other policies that you might have already lined up. It is important to get estimates here, just as it is when choosing a moving company, because you want to find the best deal that still gets the job done.

Peace of Mind

Once you know that your things will be covered, you will no longer have the need to stress about things going wrong or getting broken in your move. Make sure to keep a meticulous inventory list, however, as this will make it simple to deal with the insurance companies that are going to cover your move. Don’t forget to take pictures of anything that has some damage on it already, and consider moving small valuables yourself. Taking all of these steps will make sure that you get through your move in one piece, without having to stress yourself out.


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